VOC Paint

Paint contains three different types of chemicals: binders, pigments and solvents. The binders allow the paint to adhere to a variety of surfaces, the pigments give the paint its vibrant colour, and the solvents keep the paint liquid until it’s applied. Though all types of interior and exterior paint contain these components, not all paint is the same. Lower quality brands often contain high concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can cause several harmful effects.

Ideally you should choose high-quality, low-VOC paint in order to:

  • Avoid Health Problems – Most VOCs in paint are found in the solvent. The solvent is designed to dry out after a short period of time, which means that it evaporates directly off of the the freshly painted surface. When paint is applied to the interior of your home or commercial space, this means that the VOCs can contaminate the indoor air, which can lead to respiratory problems and a variety of other health concerns. Low VOC paints use alternative solvents, often water base to reduce the concentration of toxic chemicals. Choose low-VOC paints to safeguard the health of your family or your employees.
  • Protect the Environment – When you have the exterior of your home or business pained, you should still choose low-VOC paints, this is because the volume of paint used to cover a building’s exterior is quite large, using inferior paint can release many VOCs into the surrounding air. In addition, not all toxic compounds evaporate when the paint dries, and high-VOC paints can continue leeching contaminants into the air for many years after their initial application. To keep harmful chemicals from entering your local watershed and ecosystem, always use low-VOC paints for exterior applications.

If you hire Fairway Decorating Services Ltd to paint the interior or exterior of your commercial/ industrial building, we can help your choose environmentally friendly, low-VOC paints. No matter the size or scale of the paint job you require, our expert contractors will help you select a color scheme and provide meticulous, high-quality work. We provide a nationwide service throughout the UK so no matter where you are based, get in touch with us to provide you with the ideal painting solution for your commercial or industrial premises!

Commercial and Industrial Programmed Maintenance Painting

Every commercial property requires programmed maintenance painting as this will help to keep the facility looking clean and professional all year round. It can be be extremely hard and time consuming to call a lot of Commercial Painters and Decorators that can provide you with the exact requirements that you are looking for. A quick and cost effective solution is to put all of your faith in a property maintenance company that you know you can rely on, this way you know that you’ll only have to deal will one service provider throughout the year.

Here at Fairway Decorating we can provide one of the finest Commercial and Industrial Programmed Maintenance Painting and Decorating in the United Kingdom. We are the preferred provider of all Commercial Painting and Decorating and we have also been on one of the most popular painting programs in the UK – DIY SOS: The Big Build, so you know that we are the real deal when it comes down to the maintenance of your property

Programmed Maintenance Painting

To begin with, you need to decide which services that you are looking for when it comes down to the ongoing maintenance of your property. We have a team of professional painters and decorators that excel at providing their fantastic services even during working hours, so your business won’t be affected during the agreed dates

If you wish to know more information about our Industrial Painting and School Programmed Maintenance, or you wish to enquire about a maintenance package for your property then please feel free to contact us and one of our many specialist and professional Painters and Decorators will provide you with all the necessary information that you require! If you wish to enquire about any other service that we provide, whether that is Anti Graffiti Coatings or any other service, then give us a call today and change the look of your Commercial/ Industrial property for the better!

Commercial Painting Services

commercial painting services

Commercial Painting is one of the most important features of your building. Ensuring that you commercial premises are kept looking like new with Fairway Decorating should be the first thing on your mind.

We are able to provide unbeatable contracts to commercial clients to redecorate as often as you need. Over the years we have developed a fantastic reputation for providing long lasting positive relationships with commercial clients.

We understand that painting a commercial property could potentially interrupt your day to day running, which is why we’re able to guarantee to complete the work for a deadline that is agreed. Our main aim to finish the project as quickly as possible without compromising a single bit of quality.

Please see below a list of commercial sectors that we are able to cover:

  • Offices and business premises
  • Restaurants, shops and retail premises
  • Schools and public buildings
  • Apartments, flats and complexes
  • Residential care homes
  • Warehouses

For more information about the commercial painting that we’re able to provide then please feel free to give us a call and one of our many specialists will talk you through everything that you need to know as well as answering all of your questions and concerns to ensure that you fully understand all of the options available.

Alternatively, if you’re unable to take a call right now then don’t worry, you can also contact us via email by filling out one of the quick contact forms that can be found at the bottom of any page of this website. Once you’ve sent this enquiry form, we will review the project and then contact you at a more convenient time to discuss it further.