Building Painters and Decorators in Manchester

Welcome to Fairway Decorating Services Ltd, one of the leading Commercial Painters and Decorators in Manchester. Have you got a industrial or commercial property that is starting to look a bit old and run down?  Then why not get the place painted, it can be done using specialist equipment such as industrial coatings and it make your property look so much better and it makes the place look much more appealing for potential customers. When you have your property decorated is looks a lot more advertising to potential customers and with your business property looking smart it will encourage customers to want to come into your business which will lead to more profit and more recognition.

Building Decorators and Builders

You do not have to get the full place decorated if you do not want to, you can get a programmed maintenance package which means that a company will come to your property once or month or whatever date you decide and just maintain the building so that it looks nice and welcoming to all customers, this is very useful if you do not want to spend as much money but want to make your property look the best it can possibly be.