Hygiene Coatings are Specific paints available that are tough and durable and stop infection. When painted walls are wiped bacteria is left on the wall, but when walls have been painted with a hygienic coating all the bacteria will have been removed without any damage. Furthermore they are designed to withstand daily cleaning for many years without staining or discolouration.

Fairway Decorating Services are approved applicators for a number of Hygiene Coating Systems to the food industry, care homes and others.

Properties of Hygiene Coatings

These paints provide a tough, hardwearing coating that is resistant to mould growth, MRSA and other bacteria. They can be applied over existing surfaces, can be strengthened with the inclusion of fiberglass between coats, have a choice of colour and finish and can be cleaned/abraded/power washed on a regular basis. They also dry to a seamless finish.

They are suitable for use in kitchens, food manufacturing areas, restaurants and hospital theatres, corridors and wards.