Industrial coatings are paints or coatings that are defined by their protective (rather than their aesthetic) properties, although they can often provide both.

Industrial coatings are most commonly used for control of corrosion on steel structures such as underground pipelines, offshore platforms, storage tanks and bridges. They are also used for heat protection and include in tumescent coatings for fire resistance. Polymers used in industrial coatings, most commonly include epoxy, polyurethane and moisture-cure urethane.

Industrial painting or coatings have been essential for many of the industrial projects that we have carried out in the past and provide many long term.

Benefits of Industrial Coatings

* up to 20 times thicker than paint

* Will not peel, chip or flake

* Protects against dirt, mould, algae and chemicals

* Readily overcoat able

* Stops damp

* Repair work can be carried out

All our work will be carried out entirely to your own specification or alternatively one of our specialist Surveyors can offer advice and provide a full specification service to suit your requirements.